Mission Statement

(as of June 2000)

This mission statement serves as a public declaration of intent and to focus the group’s aims, giving it an initial platform from which to work. The UKISC aims to:

- Establish itself as a network of individuals, local groups and organisations within the United Kingdom and Ireland who are concerned with all aspects of sound and its relationship to the environment (Soundscape). ‘Environment’ may be understood quite broadly, for example – Natural, Social, Urban or Architectural environments.

- Advance education and inter-disciplinary research into the nature of the Soundscape (for example in the arts, natural and social sciences, new technologies, bio-acoustics, urban planning, architectural, & noise abatement).

- Collate and disseminate relevant information regarding all aspects of the soundscape (UK & worldwide) to its members and relevant parties. This will be through workshops, presentations, newsletters, electronic discussion list, social media and a website.


Rob Mackay – Chair (Newcastle University)

Neil Bruce (Independent Artist)

John Drever (Goldsmiths)

Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex)

Marcus Leadley (Goldsmiths)

Annie Mahtani (University of Birmingham)

Aki Pasoulas (University of Kent)